Our Software

From its inception, Hebraic Heritage Christian Center has been an institution of higher education that has been intensely focused on designing and delivering a student-centered learning system deliverable instantly to a global market. Over a five year period from 2001 until 2006, HHCC’s consortium of scholars and business leaders developed and implemented a revolutionary new educational philosophy that is actually founded on ancient principles for the inculcation of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Beginning with the premise that the burden of responsibility for the transfer of knowledge rests on teachers and administrators, not on students, HHCC determined to take the educational process beyond the constraints of space and time that have historically restricted access to advanced knowledge. The HHCC learner-centric program provides higher dimensions in education, taking the process beyond the limitations of traditional classroom space and beyond the restrictions of traditional classroom time.

A significant feature of this revolutionary educational process is the ability of the student to experience professors’ lectures as often as they need to do so through the medium of video. At the same time, supplementary materials and professors’ outlines are presented synchronously with lectures which can then be reviewed as often as the student requires. Additionally, person-to-person interactive learning is available to the student through real-time on-line study forums that feature both text and voice exchanges. Students are also able to interact in the same manner with fellow students through additional interactive forums.

In order to facilitate the delivery of the many features of its educational model, HHCC commissioned DigitalChalk to create software from its educational model specifications that would enable the delivery of this student-focused learning system by means of cutting-edge Internet2 technology. Working interactively, HHCC’s administrators and scholars and DigitalChalk’s administrators and software engineers merged the educational philosophy and virtually futuristic computer technology to create this extraordinary methodology for development, deployment, and delivery of educational content.

Key features of the application include the following:

  • Support of Industry Standards – The application is built upon J2EE and Java Service Request standards for portals and content management. This allows for secure access of information, open access of information, and secure user management.
  • Support of Learning Institution – The application includes components that define and manage education programs. Additional modules support student enrollment and registration.
  • Support for E-commerce – The application supports standard e-commerce processing of transactions for application, registration, and course enrollment, along with purchase of textbooks and other course materials.
  • Course Development Tools – The application provides instructors and administrators with the ability to define courses and to propagate course materials in the web workbook learning environment. Integration of video, text, html, images and PowerPoint slides is supported. The workbook editor is easy to learn and use.
  • Student Learning Environment – The application provides a unique learning environment for students that takes advantage of many different forms of media, thereby providing an engaging and informative educational experience.

HHCC initially called its program e4, underscoring the higher dimensions of education that take the process beyond space’s three dimensions and beyond the dimension of time. e4 also described HCCC’s “electronically enabled education everywhere” system, a process that truly fulfills the college’s global vision and mission.

In order to make its educational system available to an wide array of diverse entitles for the dissemination of knowledge of every genré, Hebraic Heritage Christian Center teamed with DigitalChalk to develop Infinity Learning Solutions, Inc. (DBA DigitalChalk), a completely new offering that includes both HHCC’s revolutionary educational system and DigitalChalk’s delivery systems and will provide for further developments and enhancements of the fundamental process.

The new combined entity has exclusive rights to the HHCC educational model and its development, deployment, and delivery software. Infinity Learning Solutions combines intellectual property rights and administrative skills to enable the startup and operations of the new entity. Together, these assets represent a significant opportunity for a successful business operation that will further a mutual vision for expanding quality education that is focused on student needs and on student satisfaction and success.